Welfast is about to blow your training bible apart and replace it with ideas you have never heard of...

"Wellfast will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells

Want to Skyrocket your Training?

Does your warm up excite you or exhaust you?



At the end of a Wellfast warm up, performers feel ready and excited to perform in their chosen sport. Performers should never take part in a race or game feeling tired. By subscribing to the Wellfast Warm Up package you can learn everything you need to know about warming up. You can help performers start the game in the best mental and physical condition by learning the rules of warming up

Are you getting slower instead of faster?

No training programme should ever result in a performer running slower that they were before they started their training programme. Wellfast training programmes always result in an increase in speed and power. The Gold package not only gives you detailed instructions on how to write a programme but it will also give you the training sessions you need to increase speed and power.

Is your top speed arriving too late?


Performers should be able to control their speed and be able to use it whenever they need it. Wellfast power sessions ensure an increase in pace off the mark. Power sessions are contained in the Gold package and they will help you overcome any problems you may have in increasing power.

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, you can never achieve your goal?

Speed and power will accelerate you towards your goal faster than any other physical attributes. Wellfast training programmes help you succeed in your chosen sport. The Gold, Silver and bronze packages will help the performer to increase their speed and power.

Is your season blighted by injury?

Overtraining can cause a lot of injuries. A balanced training programme can prevent injuries occurring. Wellfast provides balanced training programmes that result in an increase in performance. The Gold package gives you detailed information with video footage and stills to explain the technique of all the exercises thus reducing the risk of injury.

Do you watch other people run fast and wish you had their speed?



Wellfast will make you the performer that you always wanted to be. YOU can be the fast performer known for their speed and power. The Wellfast packages all provide the knowledge to increase speed.

Has your body become too heavy to move fast?



Wellfast training balances out the power to weight ratio. It is possible to be big and fast with Wellfast training programmes. The Silver and Gold packages explain in detail how to train the body to become bigger, stronger and faster.

Does planning a training schedule fill you with dread?



Wellfast can provide you with training programmes that have been tried and tested on Internationals. They will work for you and are simple to understand. The gold package gives you detailed instructions on programmes that work.

Do you have the right running technique for speed?



Wellfast will teach you the correct technique to enable you to run faster. It is simple and speed can be achieved in minutes, once you master the technique. All Wellfast packages give instructions on how to increase speed. They are backed up by video and stills thus giving better understanding to the detailed explanations of how to run faster.

Has your coach achieved success with other clients?



Wellfast clients prove that the training techniques produce winners. You can improve your speed and power by using the same methods. Wellfast packages give you training programmes that work. Check out the client list for proof. Every performer that has been coached by Dr Margot Wells has trained with the same techniques.

Our friends say...

"If someone is coached by her for two or three months I can guarantee they will be two yards faster. Everything she has done is proven. She is phenomenal...."

Danny Cipriani
Bath RFC