Welfast is about to blow your training bible apart and replace it with ideas you have never heard of...

"Wellfast allows you to coach and perform at a higher level through speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells

Are you in Pain?

Point of pain is rarely the source of the pain and by working on the cause of the pain, instant relief can be gained in most cases.

Does pain stop you engaging in activities that you would like to participate in?

Whether it be just lifting your arm above your head or walking a few steps, pain can stop you in your tracks and stop you enjoying life to the full.

Margot Wells can ease, enable and eliminate muscular and joint pain by using a brand new technique to realign and stabilise the body. This provides a structure so that every part of the body supports every other part thus returning the body to its original balanced state.

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Online Training Packages

Body Functionality

Body functionality increases balance, co – ordination, stability and lessen the chances of soft tissue injuries. By following the Wellfast functionality programme created by Dr Margot Wells and used by all her training squad, you can have all these benefits immediately.

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1 to 1 with Dr Margot Wells

Who else but Dr Margot Wells can guarantee to make you faster within 90 mins of meeting them? And not just milliseconds or fractions faster but metres faster. Margot will improve your technical efficiency and speed in a 1 to 1 session that will make speed a weapon for you in sport.

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How can Wellfast help you?

Check out all the tips from Wellfast on how we can help you with keeping injury free, improving your speed & endurance and how to stay at the top of your game.

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