Welfast is about to blow your training bible apart and replace it with ideas you have never heard of...

"Wellfast allows you to learn a little or a lot about speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells

Body Functionality

There is nothing more guaranteed to frustrate a sporting career than an injury. This is commonly thought to be part and parcel of a sporting performer’s life but the truth is that with the Wellfast Body Functionality 1 to 1 session, you can greatly reduce the odds of picking up a soft tissue injury. 

The body is a machine held together with a balanced structure of pulleys, joints and levers. Problems arise when the machine is out of balance or nobody has tightened the bolts! These problems often arise in puberty and because they are never fixed, sporting ability is compromised and talented performers never reach their true potential.

The Wellfast 1 to 1 session is tailored to allow the performer to take back control of their body and their performance. The body regains co – ordination, balance and stability while at the same time recreating the alignment and connections that allows the performer to generate high end speed and power. 

The series of exercises can be done at home and no exercise equipment is needed. The benefits of a 1 to 1 Body Functionality session are ongoing as long as they are performed daily. Try it for yourself and you will be amazed at the speed of your improvement as the benefits are felt immediately once they are performed.

Our friends say...

"Speed and power is everything in any sport, from the shortest sprint to the longest Ironman marathon. My sport of rowing is a muscular endurance event. It's good to be big and strong and have the endurance to complete the course, without speed and speed of movement you are not going to win races and achieve your goals...."

Sir Steve Redgrave C.B.E.
5 Times Olympic Champion